KJ Leigh Balton has been hosting karaoke in Southern California since 1990.  Experience includes nightclub shows, private events, corporate gatherings, and wrap parties for television/movies.

Leigh’s family was involved in radio when she was young, where she developed an interest in sound engineering.  She has mixed sound for live performances, but prefers to host karaoke.

Prior to becoming a KJ, Leigh spent 20 years in the restaurant & bar business, where she gained experience serving, bartending, training, and supervising.  During this time, she also studied various martial arts/self-defense techniques, so she could offer support to security personnel.

Leigh is a capable singer, proficient in most singing styles, but has no desire to become a recording artist, as she prefers a quiet personal life.

While many karaoke jockeys just settle for hosting karaoke because they can’t make it in the music business, Leigh chose karaoke because she loves it.

And that makes all the difference.