Updated: 09/20/23

* NOTE :  With constantly changing circumstances, show dates and times are not guaranteed.  Always call venue ahead of time to confirm show is active.



  • Q CLUB – Oxnard, 9pm-1am  HOST:  Leigh Balton
  • COPA COMEDY CLUB – Ventura, 7pm-10pm  HOST:  DJ V
  • SANS SOUCI – Ventura, 9:30pm-2:00am HOST:  DJ Darko  (NOTE:  More dance music than karaoke)
  • TIPSY GOAT – Thous.Oaks, 9pm-12am  HOST:  ROCKSTAR / Silver


  • AZAR’S SPORTS BAR – Newbury Park, 8:30pm -12:30am  HOST:  ROCKSTAR/Silver
  • HARLEY’S VALLEY BOWL – Simi Valley, 8:30-11:30pm  HOST: ROCKSTAR/Barbie
  • KEYNOTE LOUNGE – Ventura, 8pm-12am HOST:  Steve Sharp
  • STAR LOUNGE – Ventura, 8-11:30pm  HOST:  Varies
  • VAQUERO y MAR – Ventura, 8-11pm  HOST:  Paul


  • KEYNOTE LOUNGE – Ventura, 8pm-12am HOST:  Steve Sharp
  • O’LEARY’S TAVERN – Ventura, 9pm-12am  HOST:  George & Christina Goldie
  • PADDY’S – Ventura, 8:30pm-12:30am  HOST:  Leigh Balton
  • PC’s BAR – Simi Valley, 8:30-12:30am  HOST:  ROCKSTAR / “Baby Face” Connor
  • PIZZA MAN DAN’S – Oxnard, 7-11pm  HOST:  Marleen
  • STRANGE BEAST – Ventura, 9pm-12am  HOST: Big Joe
  • TIPSY GOAT – Thousand Oaks, 9pm-12am  HOST:  ROCKSTAR / Avital


  • El REY CANTINA – Camarillo, 8-11pm  HOST:  Leigh Balton
  • GIGI’S – Ventura, 8pm-12am  HOST:  Steve Luke
  • JUDGE ROY BEAN’S – Simi Valley, 10pm-1am  HOST:  ROCKSTAR / Silver
  • OUTLAWS – Camarillo, 9:30-1:00am  HOST:  Sing Time
  • SAGEBRUSH CANTINA – Calabasas, 7:30-10:30pm  HOST: Microphone Heroes (Live Band Karaoke)
  • SPORTSMAN RESTAURANT – Camarillo, 7-10pm  HOST:  Sing Time
  • THE GARAGE – Ventura, 8-11pm  HOST:  Steve Sharp
  • THE HANGAR BAR – Santa Paula Airport,  6-9pm  HOST:  Susan
  • THE SHORES – Oxnard, 9pm-12am  HOST:  George & Christina Goldie
  • TILTED KILT – Thousand Oaks, 8:30-11:30pm  HOST:  Sing Time


  • AMECI PIZZA – Thousand Oaks, 7-10pm  HOST: Sing Time
  • BONEY MOUNTAIN PIZZA CO. – Newbury Park, 8-11pm  HOST: Sing Time
  • ELKS CLUB – Simi Valley, 7:30-10:30pm  HOST: Sheri & Greg (Last Friday Only)
  • (Public Is Welcome)
  • TOPA TOPA BREWING – Ventura, 7-11pm  HOST:  Steve Sharp (Last Friday Only)
  • GIGI’S – Ventura, 9pm-1am  HOST:  Steve Luke
  • LOOKOUT BAR – Oxnard, 9pm-12:30am  HOST:  Ezra Varnado
  • PC’S BAR & GRILL – Simi Valley, 9pm-1am  HOST:  ROCKSTAR/Barbie
  • PIZZA MAN DAN’S – Oxnard, 7pm-11pm  HOST:  George & Christina Goldie
  • VFW – Port Hueneme, 8pm-12am  HOST:  Leigh Balton  (Public Is Welcome)
  • VFW – Ventura, 7pm-11pm  HOST:  Krystal  (Public Is Welcome)


  • GIGI’S – Ventura, 9pm-1am HOST:  Steve Luke
  • GOLDEN NUGGET PUB – Simi Valley, 9pm-1:30am  HOST:  Outlaw Karaoke
  • BOTTLE AND PINT, Newbury Park, 8-11pm  HOST:  Sing Time
  • LOOKOUT BAR – Oxnard, 9pm-12:30am  HOST:  Ezra Varnado
  • SIMI BILLIARDS PLAZA – Simi Valley, 9pm-1am HOST:  Betty-Jean Drago Hanna


  • GIGI’S – Ventura, 8pm-12am  HOST:  Steve Luke
  • KEYNOTE LOUNGE – Ventura, 6:30-10:30pm HOST:  Steve Sharp
  • PIZZA MAN DAN’S – Oxnard, 7-11pm  HOST:  Daniel




This calendar was intended as a community service gesture for the convenience of local and visiting singers.  However, we get very little support from most of the venues listed here, and we don’t have time to call them every week to confirm their schedules.

If you see any scheduling inaccuracies, or have any updates, please email them to:  editor@venturakaraoke.com, and let us know.

Thanks!  ~ VKC